African textiles and the colors of the Caribbean.

To create exciting home decor and accessories based on our love of African textiles and the colors of the Caribbean.

And we invite you to decorate your world with a new sense of fun, vibrancy and joy. Everyday extraordinary.



Nora Okafor is a real person. Nora Okafor is a beloved aunt. And Nora Okafor is a collaborative design company based on respect for ancestry, a passion for vibrant colors and the rich life journeys of artists and business women with roots in Africa, Europe, the Caribbean and California.

Our love of African textiles brought us together and inspires us to create exciting home décor and accessories. We source our fabrics from artisans in Central and Western Africa, including genuine Wax Hollandais prints from the Dutch design and manufacturer Vlisco. We choose colors and patterns with rich textures, wild interplays of pattern and deeply saturated hues to elevate everyday living.


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