Would You Wear An Apron On A Brunch Date?

There is a certain appeal in items that transcend their initial purpose and are used in unexpected ways. For me, one of those items is a cross back apron.

Chef's Favorite Apron Style? Cross-Back

When used for their initial purpose as an outer layer to protect the wearer from spills, splashes and stains, chefs around the globe have long favored the cross-back apron for its practicality in the kitchen. The design allows for ease of movement, and the adjustable straps ensure a comfortable fit for long hours of culinary creativity. Chefs appreciate the apron’s ability to transition effortlessly from the kitchen to the dining area, making it a go-to for culinary professionals who value both style and functionality.

A Costume Designer’s Choice for the 2023 film "Origin" by Ava DuVernay

Cross-back aprons have also captured the attention of fashion enthusiasts and even made their mark in the world of film costumes. Emmy nominated costume designer, Dominique Dawson, selected several Nora Okafor cross-back apron as the apron of choice for the women in the cast of the 2023 film, Origin, by renowned film director and wirter, Ava DuVernay.

Versatility Redefined

This unassuming yet multifunctional garment has become a staple, proving that practicality and style can coexist seamlessly. The cross-back apron sets itself apart with its ability to transform effortlessly into various styles. Whether worn forwards or backwards, it serves as a statement piece that adapts to the wearer’s mood and the occasion. From a traditional apron for cooking to a chic tunic, a casual vest, or even a stylish dress, the possibilities are endless.

A Gift for Chefs and Fashionistas

The cross-back apron’s journey from a humble kitchen accessory to a versatile fashion statement exemplifies the enduring appeal of garments that serve multiple purposes. In a world where fashion meets functionality, the cross-back apron stands out as a testament to the creative fusion of practicality and style, proving that a well-designed garment can truly be a wardrobe essential for every occasion.


Our Cross Backs aprons are really garments,  tunics, pinafores, vests. They are marvelously ubiquitous.

They are  handsewin in San Franciso, California using an African textiles: wax print cotton and Vlisco Wax Hollandais, a fabric created with an unequalled and extraordinary level of care and precision. The fabrics are made using a highly unique wax printing technique unlike any other in the world.  

The aprons have wide crossover straps which can be adjusted to wrap-around you to protect your clothing on the sides and front when worn as an apron. Includes two hip pockets to store essentials.

They are wonderful hostess gifts! Home cooks, professional chefs and fashionistas  love them. Our cross-back aprons are functional and stylish. 

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